How to Prepare for a Healing

Install Zoom software on your preferred device in advance and check your setup and internet connection. Please join the meeting using the provided link a few minutes before the session to help us start on time.

Find a quiet room in your home that feels calm and relaxing. Turn off any distracting lights, electronics, or anything that might disrupt the healing session. Make sure you will not be disturbed for the whole duration.

Before the session, please remove all metal and leather items such as jewelry, belts, shoes, etc. They have properties that modify the flow of energy. Removing them during healing helps the energies flow more naturally.

Attend the healing session with an empty stomach if possible. An active digestion process can make it harder to have a deeper meditation during the session.

Preparing for Advanced Deep Healing

The Advanced Deep Healing (offered only during the Advanced Group Healing) requires you to lie down for around 40 mins. Be prepared accordingly.

Multidimensional Deep Healing is performed on your aura (the energy body including the chakras) by the Healing Gurus. The changes made on your aura are absorbed into the body over the next several days. While the energies are being absorbed, take it easy and get sufficient rest to help the process.

After attending Multidimensional Deep Healing:

  • Get a sufficient amount of rest for the next 24 to 48 hours, depending how you feel energetically.

  • Avoid heavy physical activity for the next 24 to 48 hours. Listen to your body and ease back into exercising, running etc. when it is ready.

  • For people with eye ailments: Minimize or avoid looking at bright screens or lights for the next 24 to 48 hours. Reduce brightness by wearing sunglasses.

What to Expect After a Healing Session

Release of Negative Energies

The healing process releases a lot of negative energy from the body and mind, during the session and over the next few days or weeks. As it releases, the energy can express itself in many different ways. This can be physical, in the form of soreness and pain; emotional, in the form of disturbances; or much more abstract, in the form of visions and feeling different energies as they release. Feel deeper into the sensations energetically to better understand where they are coming from.

The following will also help with the process:

  • Drink more water preferably with lemon or lime juice when your body asks for it.

  • Relax and let go without any attachment or resistance.

  • Get enough rest and sleep when the body demands it.

  • Attend follow up healing sessions to help release the negative energies easier.