Healing Testimonials


Letting Go...

I was shown a way through contracted states of mind into the release, learning how to let go, and I emerged from it happy.


Noemi Vegh

Field of Flowers

Gentle and open...

There was gentleness and openness on an emotional level, yes, but also on an overt energetic level that is not often used. The end portion was not as emotional, but it enlightened me about myself in ways that I can functionally use—both energetically and mentally.


Katherine W

Rock Balancing

Moving past limiting beliefs...

I’ve found the healings give me space to consider and face parts of myself that I’ve been avoiding – physical, mental, and energetic traumas and thought patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that have been holding me back where I had been resigned, “that’s just how it is.” The healing sessions have supported me to face these areas in my life and move past them.


Amir Sattari


In harmony with myself....

My remote session with Ra felt life changing. I feel so much more in harmony with myself.


Dustin Di Lulo

A Tower of Stones


Immediately after the healing session, I felt much lighter, as if water cleansed me. The pains I had went away, and so did the feelings of depression and sadness. My meditation improved into a deeper relaxation.


Jason P

Adorable Chick

Absolutely charged...

I felt completely bright, calm and peaceful. I was not keeping well that day but felt absolutely charged and light after the session!



Water Purification Treatment

Recovery from stress...

This healing makes me more aware about my own energy. I do not usually feel my energy, but if and when I feel it, I think I can start adjusting my energy in a more proper and healthy way. Also, as a result of repetitive energy healings, I recover much faster from stress – it used to take me a couple of weeks to recover from big stress, now it takes a much shorter time.


Svetlana Yashina


Profound joy...

It was a great experience. I was left with profound joy and a sense that this is an ongoing process. Most of my bodily aches were relieved, and my body felt much lighter. The restriction in my chest improved dramatically, and I was able to breathe much deeper than I could before the healing session.


Gregory Wilson

Eagle Flying

I even stopped smoking...

My health and life quality have increased since taking part in his remote healing. My clarity of mind and personal power have increased, helping me make better, wiser decisions. I’ve even stopped smoking.


Juan Franco


Gentle sensitivity...

I thoroughly enjoyed my remote one-on-one healing session with Ra. His attentiveness, clarity of insight, and gentle sensitivity allowed me to feel safe and comfortable to open up to and address the energetic issues behind my right shoulder, back, and neck pain. I highly recommend a remote session if you are unable to attend one physically. I felt tremendous benefit from our session, receiving the potency of the healing transmission given during our remote session.